Berthing/UnberthingBerthing and Unberthing is 24 hours. Vessels over 230 metres in length are subject to tidal constraints.
StevedoringShip's stores may be handled by vessel's appointed stevedores. Baggage is handles by erminal operator on shore side.
SecurityISPS Compliance. Ships need to employ their own security to man the ship's entrances. Security personnel can be arranged through shipping agent. Passengers and crew are required to carry identification with them if they leave the ship and will be subject to search by shore side security personnel.
Forklift truck3 forklift trucks are available.
Passenger Gangway3 telescopic gangways on each side of the terminal, total 6 numbers.
Ship-Shore fixed-line networkUp to 12 Lines may be connected through prior arrangement
BunkeringLight, heavy and diesel fuel can be supplied via barge only
ProvisionsShip's stores and provisions may be delivered to vessel via the quay or over-side via barge.
Fresh WaterAvailable via barge with a capacity of 60 tonnes per hour.
GarbageWet and Dry garbage may be landed to garbage truck/barge in bags.